Coastal Cleaning FAQ

So you can come home to a clean, sparkling home and have more free time doing the things you love. Let Coastal do the work for you and have your home cleaned to the highest standard!
Yes we understand using eco-friendly products is very important to many clients so Coastal has a great range of eco-friendly products sourced by a Gold Coast supplier. These products are also grey water and septic tank friendly.
Absolutely! our team at coastal love animals. Our team also understands that some animals may take some time getting use to us being in their home so we are always understanding and respectful of this.
A regular clean is a clean that is booked weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
A one off cleans is a clean that is booked for a cleaner to go to the home just once. One off cleans incur a higher rate because it isnt booked for reoccurring cleans and requires a deeper clean then a regular clean with more attention paid to areas.
This is dependant on size of home (bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens etc) however one of the friendly Coastal team will always give you an estimated time the cleaner will be onsite prior to your home being cleaned.
Only 1 of our cleaners will be onsite for all jobs unless other arrangements are made between client and Coastal to have more than 1.
Absolutely not! We are happy to clean with you home or not, this is completely the clients choice.
Coastal Cleaning accepts bank transfer only. We ask that you quote your full name as the transaction description. Bank details will be provided on the first clean and we ask that payment is transferred by end of business day on your scheduled clean.
Bond/end of lease cleaning, any external house cleaning including glass, chandelier or light cover cleaning/removal, cleaning or removal of animal faeces, cleaning of high reach areas (more then 2 step ladder), window or door tracks, furniture removal, trash disposal.
If we feel your home is deemed a hazardous cleaning situation that goes above our normal cleaning environment covered by our packages our cleaning team have the right to immediately terminate the booked clean and leave the property. Contact will be made with you to discuss the matter.
If there is a breakage and loss during your clean you must notify Coastal Cleaning QLD within 48 hours of the service by email: info@coastalcleaningqld.com.au or phone: 0422938137 .